Watching youtube videos and making rubbish edits on a sony a5000 I received as a birthday gift. We all start somewhere!

But truthfully I was captivated by how these creatives could produce outstanding videos with just 1 camera, 1 microphone, and a softbox.

Subliminally I was taking in information, though I never had any intention of ever making money I was getting drawn into the lifestyle and beauty of being creative and sucking in any knowledge or experience I could.

taking the plunge

leaving my job

september 2021 i took my first job abroad, in madrid. during this time i was furloughed and received a call from my manager at the debt collection company i worked for telling me they would like me to return.

for the last few months i had become busy enough that i was confident i could leave my job.

i knew by this point i could successfully leave, i had become well known in the area by businesses and also made good connections with devon and cornwall police helping them produce road safety campaigns.

finding my path

onto something

brands started to reach out to me more often, feedback from clients was consistly great and i was being reccomended from all my clients onto more clients.

during the time building xpresmedia i started appreciating the ability to use my creative vision to help draw my own storyboard on life.